Questions, Answered.


Q How do I get from North Eleuthera Airport (ELH) to Harbour Island?
A It's quick and easy. A 10 minute cab ride from the airport to the boat dock, approximately $4 - $5 per person, then a 10 minute "water taxi" ride, approximately $4 - $5 per person. Land and water taxis are always available.

Q How do I get to Eleuthera?
A Barring transport via your own personal yellow submarine (we all live in one), check out our travel page.

Q Can I preorder groceries and have them delivered?
A Yes. Contact the friendly folks at Johnson's Groceries on Harbour Island. Free delivery! 242-333-2279

Q Are there gift shops and art galleries on the island?
A Yes. A number of these shops are marked under the category of “shops” on the Harbour Island satellite map:

  • Bahamian Shells & Things 333-2839
  • Blue Rooster 333-2240
  • Miss Mae's 333-2002
  • John Bull 333-2950
  • Princess Street Gallery 333-2788
  • Straw Lady 333-3799
  • Androsia 333-2342
  • Dilly Dally 333-3109
  • Sugar Mill 333-3558

Q How about a good "local" contact for Harbour Island Bahamas bonefish and/or bottom fishing?
A We truly hope that by "bottom fishing" you don't mean attempting to swoon one of the single people at our wedding. If, however, you're referring to the saltwater activity, try one of these. All numbers preceded by area code 242, and country code +1 if calling from outside the United States:
Stuart Cleare (bonefishing only) 332-2072 or 454-0148
Patrick Roberts (bonefishing only) 333-3014 or 422-9029
Vincent Cleare (bonefishing and bottom fishing) 333-2154
Jaron Roberts (bonefishing and bottom fishing) 553-5498

Q Do I need a passport?
A Short answer? Yes. Unless you're entering the Bahamas via ship. If you require details, check out the Bahamas Entry Requirements. There is a $15 departure tax per person—some airlines include this in their fare, but if they don't the airport will collect this when you check-in for your departure. U.S. Citizens should check the U.S. State Department's Consular Information Notes for Bahamas for current passport requirements and other important travel notes.

Q Can I use U.S. currency?
A A ha! The question of the hour in Greece! Yes. $1 US dollar equals $1 Bahamian dollar. You can use up your Bahamian change before departure. Expect some minimal surcharges for use of credit cards and traveler's checks. Most merchants do not take Discover or AMEX. Most merchants also stopped accepting polished seashells as a currency in 1894.

Q Is there an ATM machine on Harbour Island?
A There is an ATM inside the Royal Bank of Canada. However, don't expect maple leaves on the bills the ATM spits out. You'll receive, in exchange for entering your correct PIN number, Bahamian dollars.

Q Can I bring my pet?
A If it's over 6 months old, yes. You need a permit. Details are in this PDF document: Bahamas Animal Import Requirements. Please note that even if you consider your spider a pet, don't bring it. We don't like spiders (but spider monkeys are totally in this year).

Q Are there any veterinary clinics in the Bahamas?
A For sure! Here are the locations and phone numbers for Veterinary clinics in the Bahamas.

Q What about long distance?
A These types of relationships can work, however OH, you are talking about long distance CALLING! Typically requires a Batelnet access card which can be purchased on the island - not exactly cheap either. Before you go on your trip, you can set up a discount calling plan or get a discount calling card. Or, have your contact in the States (or elsewhere) call you rather than you call them. Or at least, you can call them for one minute and have them call you back. Or, finally, get a bottle, grab a cork, pop a message in the bottle, plug the cork on it, and gently place said message in a bottle in the Atlantic. You're on Harbour Island after all!

Q Are there special electricity requirements?
A Depends who's asking. If you're coming in from the States, there are no special electricity requirements—you can use your typical doo-dads without adapters. If you're coming in from outside the USA, bring USA adapters for your electronics, and make sure they can run on 120v, 60Hz A or B type plugs.

Q How about medical facilities, what if I get sick?
A There is a clinic on the island:

Harbour Island
Ministry of Health Clinic:

Chris Goslin, Governor's Harbour
ambulance service (emergencies):
242-332-3178 or 242-557-7006 (cell)
For serious emergency medical service; air ambulance service.

If you have a "medical condition" that warrants special treatment, do your homework in advance. There are insurance companies, such as Travel Care and Travel Guard, who sell policies for air ambulance services. Read the fine print! Check your current insurance carrier for policies on reimbursement for emergency services.